Monday, July 28, 2008

Sleepless in Seattle

Sleepless in Seattle

Ever since I crossed over the Atlantic and moved to US, my friends back in Europe have always been complaining that I am not pursuing my photographic hobby any further. Well, while in Italy my work routine was pretty different as compared to here and hence I could manage to create time to travel around the continent. While traveling around Europe you often end up taking some great photographs. Thats how I had managed to build a good photo gallery on Flickr. In Seattle, my work does not give me much leeway to exercise my creative cells and my traveling is now reduced to just between home and office.

With a sizeable Indian community in and around Seattle, there are plenty of activities happening on weekends. Cricket is one such activity which is scheduled on my weekends. There are couple of leagues for recreational and professional enthusiasts. So the hiking and climbing I used to do on weekends (in Trento) until last year has now been replaced with cricket. On some occassions I do get a chance to carry my camera around and click some shots of the city. So, all my freundeskreis aus Deutschland und giro di amici dal'Italia, please subscribe to my photo feeds on Flickr.

Seattle waterfront

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lvaccari said...

Hi Hamza,
so you found a job in the US and it seems you are very busy now. Gaia told me something about you when I asked "where's Hamza ?", but you know I'm lazy, and I haven't yet contact you.
Lot of time from the last time we had a meeting in Trento. How is going in the US ?
Hope all is going well.

Lorenzo Vaccari