Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Facebook/Google faceoff

I came across this interesting article by Fred Vogelstein in the Wired magazine. He compares the both the vanguards of internet world and how they are competing to re-define the web-sphere. I agree with most of his observations that Facebook would eventually change the way people search or view content on the internet. Facebook actually earns those brownie points where Google fails in providing personalized content for any information. Facebook has still a long way to go before it aligns itself beside Google in the dash to achieve supremacy on the information/content being searched. The more personal feedback users get for any topic they search on social networks, the more information they would share and Facebook is hoping on reaping benefits from this behavioral pattern. With Bing taking some share of the search pie, Google should be preparing itself to face a stiff challenge in the form of Facebook. The folks at Mountain View have already taken cognizance of this fact and are venturing into several initiatives which add the personalized touch to information seek.

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Mukhtar said...

Food for thought: My last three days at a "Personality Development Camp" hugely benefited my "Soul".